Pa305 Unit 8 Assignment

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Memorandum To: Christopher Howard, Attorney From: Vonda Shields, Legal Assistant Re: McKinley vs. Department of Education Date: Monday June 4, 2012 Issues 1. Is it unlawful for an agency to require all public school students to undergo a search of their clothes, backpacks, lockers, and desks each morning? 2. Is it unlawful for an agency to permit random searches to take place of students’ clothes, backpacks, lockers, and desks? 3. Is it unlawful for an agency to give no notice or hearing prior to the enactment of new rules and regulations? 4. Is it unlawful for an agency to refrain from sending an interested party a notice of hearing? 5. Is it unlawful for an agency to deny an interested party the right to representation or counsel? 6. Is it considered an abuse of power when an agency denies an interested party due process in general? 7. Is it unlawful for an agency to permanently confiscate an individual’s personal property? 8. Is it unlawful for an agency to knowingly allow one of its programs to discriminate on the basis of sex in its processes and procedures? 2

PA305 Law Office Management Unit 7 Assignment 2 Since image is very important to Ms. Lawyer, choosing a location will be a big part of the firm's image. Also, being able to give back to the community as well as helping the neighborhood in which the firm will be practicing requires the firm to be ideally located for the clientele the firm already has as well as future growth and new clients. Phase one of the plan will be to hire a Commercial Real Estate Broker, who knows the area the firm is considering and can show us some options of offices that used to house firms that moved due to their own growth. A good option will be to look at any of the empty office spaces available from prior firms as they may already have a decent layout to start with, the location was profitable enough for them to grow, the neighborhood is now in need of a local firm and since we want to be known as a "green office" we will be recycling some of the furniture, fixtures and cabinets already designed for legal work. Then we can save money to spend elsewhere like technology. Phase two of the plan, once the location is secured, we want to have signage installed, explaining to the neighborhood, who we are and what our plans are for working in the area. How to reach us if there is a problem in the office while we work on setting it up and maybe even a billboard with our mission statement, to give the neighboring businesses and residents a sense of what the firm is all about. Then start advertising as to where the firm will be and the services we offer. Also, during this phase, we want to start off with the right image. We want our beginnings in the area to be representative of what can be expected of us as a firm and as neighbors. We need to be classy and professional so the neighbors will look forward to our arrival. We need to be a positive addition and not a nuisance. If we make the outside beautiful and fitting for the neighborhood, chances are we will be more likely to be accepted as a part of it and not an intruder who doesn't care about the surroundings. Anything we can do to help the area itself,


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