Sap Item Category Usage Assignment Of Mortgage

In this SAP tutorials, you will learn how to assign item categories in SAP SD step by step using transaction code VOV4.

Assign Item Categories in SAP

After configuration of item categories in SAP, you have to assign item categories to a sales document types. During the sales documents processing the SAP  automatically specify a corresponding item category for the items.

Purpose of Configuration

In this step you assign item category to sales document types. The link between item categories and document types are established through this assignment process.

Navigation Path

SAP R/3 RoleAssign Item Categories
Transaction CodeVOV4
SAP IMG PathSPRO > SAP Reference IMG > Sales and Distribution > Sales > Sales Documents > Sales Documents Item > Assign Item Categories.

Configuration steps

Step 1 : – Enter Tcode VOV4 in the SAP command field and enter.

Step 2 : – On change view item category assignment overview screen, click on new entries button and assign the item category with the combination of SaTy (sales document types), itCGr (item category group), Usg. (usage) and HLevItCa (higher level item category).

Step 3 : – On new entries item category assignment screen, update the required details like sales document type and item category for assignment of item category to a sales document type.

After updating all the required details, click on save button and save the configured assignment item category details.

While assigning the item category, whatever the item category is assigned as manual item category, you can replace with default item category in the sales documents.

What is Item Category?

An item category defines how a line item behaves in sales transaction.

SAP Uses Item category to process a material differently in each sales document type.


AFX - It  is inquiry Item category ,it is not relevant for billing.

AGX – It is quotation Item category ,it is not relevant for billing.

TAN – It is standard Item category, it is relevant for billing.

T-code for Define Item category is VOV7.

Step 1)

  1.   Enter Tcode VOV7 in Command Bar.
  2.   List of Item Category including SAP and User Define Item category.
  3.   Click on New Entries Button,for create  Item Category.

Step 2) While you create new Item category , following sections could be filled.

  1. Business Data (billing / pricing etc. information).
  2. General Control (It determine automatic batch,rounding permission and  order quantity to 1 or not).
  3. Transaction Flow( Item screen detail ).
  4. Bill of Material (used for variant configuration).
  5. Value Contract (for value contract).
  6. Service Management (service scenario).
  7. Control of resource(resource related billing scenario).

We will enter data in Business Data Section.

Step 3)

1. We are going to create YTA2 (Standard item category)

2. Enter Billing Relevance / Pricing. Check

  •      Business Item
  •      Sched. Line Allowed
  •      Wght
  •      Vol. Relevant
  •      Credit Active
  •      Determine Cost.

Step 4)

Click On Save Button.

A Message "Data Was saved " Displayed.


Item Category Determination

Item category controls the item behavior .e.g. Item category define that item is relevant for Billing or  Pricing.

The item category in the sales document depends on the sales document type and the material.

Item Category Determination is done by T-code –VOV4. There are Many Standard Item Categories provide by SAP, Some of them is below-

Item CategoriesDescription
TAN Standard Item
TAB Individual Purchase Order
TAS Third Party Item
TAD Service
TATX Text Item
TANN Free Of Charge
AFX Inquiry Item
AGX Quotation Item

Step 1)

  1. Enter T-code VOV4 in Command Field.
  2. A list of existing item category displayed.
  3. To Create a New item category click on New Entries  Button.

Step 2)

To  Create New Item Category ,Enter following data   -

  • Sales Doc. type.
  • Item cat. group.
  • Item category (Default item category,this can be overridden with manual item category value).
  • Manual item category (if business demands,we can add manual item category to override default item category).

  Note :    Default item category will be picked up automatically for sales document type in which it's define. Manual Item Category can be used in place of default item category OR we can replace default item category in sales document with  allowed manual item category. e.g. Default item category( YTA2) can be replaced with  Manual item category (TAP,TAQ,TANN).

Step 3)

Click on Save Button.

A Message "Data Was Saved " displayed as below -




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