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My Passion Lies with Dance

Dancing has been a huge learning experience for me and the influence it has had on

my life, I will never forget. I've learned teamwork as well as leadership, and for countless

numbers of hours for 6 years I have spent my days devoting myself to practicing,

perfecting and an open-mind. To me, dance is more than just a beautiful art form. Dance

is a way to communicate with people and it should be respected and honored. I feel it is

beautiful, exciting and inspiring. I can never get bored with it because there is always

room to improve. There can always be more beats, higher jumps and better placement,

among other things. I am showing the world me, and who I am when I dance. Dancing is

power, a prayer, it gives a sense of life.

As a member of a competitive dance team, I understand the importance of

teamwork and leadership. I have come to realize that a team uses cooperative effort to

achieve a common goal. This often requires personal sacrifice. When dancing with other

people, one must respect the value of teamwork, not only amongst fellow dancers, but

with coaches and teachers as well. Each and every practice we worked collaboratively,

dedicated and devoted to our ambition. Our teacher would help us develop our abilities

with elite leadership. Likewise, leadership is necessary to ensure that a team's

accomplishments are not misguided, inadequate, or fruitless. I believe a dancer is

someone who is generally admired. They are looked upon as people who strive for

perfection. Anyone devoted to an athletic ambition works incredibly hard to maintain

their bodies so that they can perform to the best of their abilities. Friends and family look

up to me because I have worked so hard to be a better dancer. The balance between

teamwork and leadership is crucial to attaining proud success.

I have to take care of my body to be a dancer and through this, I have learned to

be more disciplined. It has prepared me to stay in shape, by eating properly and practicing

all the time, even outside of class. Also, I have not and will not lay a finger on a cigarette.

My past teachers have never been cruel, but only very stern, direct people. They have

always wanted the best that I could possibly give and that has made me realize how

important criticism is. Remembering that your best is as good as you can do is very


While performing on stage, it's all adrenaline. Everything is really intense

however, I strive for excellence. To stand out on stage at the end of the performance, and

to know you thrilled the audience is an incredible feeling. My dance teacher once gave us

a heartwarming speech before walking us onstage. I'll never forget at the end she said,

"Each time you perform, dance not only with your arms, your legs and your feet but also

with every inch of your heart and soul." This quote motivated us to do our best and that

day we won Top Overall.

Personally, I have worked very hard to become the best dancer possible. In the

process, I have earned the respect of my family, friends, and fellow dancers. It is my belief

that people generally admire dancers as models of perfection. Therefore, each dancer

owes it to him or her self to put in many hours of work to obtain the ultimate dancers

physique. Dance has made me a better person. I enhance my strength, courage and

confidence. Dance did not allow me to find myself. Dancing found me.

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Class: HUMN 1210
Type: Paragraph

This is something I just wrote this morning and had to turn it in for a class today. I wasn't gonna post this but decided to anyway. It's not much but read if you want. Thanks! =)


                                               What Are You Passionate About?

Passion comes from someone who feels strong emotions towards something that interests oneself. When I am asked what I am most passionate about, tons of random thoughts will scatter in my brain to search for the answer. The answer is, there is no one answer. Passion comes from different angles of emotions. I am passionate about anything that pulls me in to be more of myself. In that case, writing is one my biggest passions. When I was little, I would always write journals in little journal books. When I grew up, I decided to move on to bigger things and write in spiral notebooks so I would have much more space and many more pages to write. There are times when I come up with quotes that I think really reflects how one looks at life. I would write poems about my past experiences, struggles, issues, or what I am currently thinking of right now. I type blogs to let my emotions out or talk about certain life topics that I feel strong about. Last but not least, writing stories is the most recent piece of writing that I am exploring. I am just a starter at writing stories, but it does not stop me from writing what I enjoy and wanting others to read something that they have never thought about. I write stories because I can create any character and story that I want. There are no rules to creating a story. It is all in your head when you decide to let imagination flow through you. The amazing fact about stories is that everyone can write stories. Everyone is a writer in themselves. It just matters what have in your hand and to be able to not worry about others but write for yourself. When you write stories for yourself, you put your heart and mind into something that you never knew could inspire and be build into beautiful connected pieces of puzzles. So the next time you ask me what I am passionate about, the answer will lie within oneself to discover more passionate secrets waiting to be opened and explored.    


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