Fac1502 Assignment #1 2015 Draft Pick

4 1 INTRODUCTION Dear Student It is a pleasure to welcome you as a student to FAC1502. We hope that you will find your studies particularly stimulating and rewarding this semester and that you will achieve success. We will do our best to make your study of this module successful. You will be well on your way to success if you start studying early in the semester and resolve to do the assignments properly. The semester that you register for will be indicated on your registration documentation. Please ensure that you are registered for the correct semester, as you are obliged to write the examination for that semester. The examination for the first semester will be during May/June, and the examination for the second semester will be during October/November. Should you be faced with specific subject content problems in your studies, please do not hesitate to consult us by letter, e-mail, telephone or personally (by appointment) . In this tutorial letter, we would like to draw your attention to a number of very important matters and we request you pay careful attention to them.

FAC1502/101 61 ASSIGNMENT 02 FOR THE SECOND SEMESTER DUE DATE: 8 September 2017UNIQUE NUMBER: 671104 (MULTIPLE-CHOICE QUESTIONS) Do this assignment on a mark-reading sheet and mail it, or submit it via the Unisa Mobile MCQ Application or myUnisa. To submit the assignment: •Go into myUnisa with your password. •Choose assessment info. •Choose the module code, FAC1502. •Choose assignment 01, with the unique code 671104. •Choose view at the back of assignment 01. •Create a mark-reading sheet for 15 MCQ’s. •Now choose the correct option from the five options given for each question. •Click on the option chosen in the mark-reading sheet (in front). •Please make sure that the answer in front is the correct option chosen. If you decide that (2) are the correct option for question 1, you must click on the round block in front of the 2 on the mark-reading sheet created. A [2] will then appear in the answer block in front. •Submit the assignment after all the questions were answered and you have made sure all the answers on the mark-reading sheet corresponds with the options you have chosen. •You will receive a message that the assignment was uploaded successfully. •A resubmit button will appear. Only resubmit the assignment if you feel some of the answers is not correct. Then all the options must be entered again and not just the answers you want to change. If you do not want to change your original submission please do not click on the resubmit button because then all your answers of the first submission will disappear and you will have naught for the assignment. Use the following information to answer questions 1 to 3: The following information was extracted from the asset register of Molepo Traders on 29 February 2016. Molepo Traders has a February year-end. Additional information On 31 May 2016 a new delivery vehicle was purchased on credit from Starlight Motors, R120 000. A machine with a cost price of R320 000 was purchased on 1 August 2014 was sold on 1 October 2016. Depreciation is written off as follows: ● Delivery vehicles at 20% per annum on the carrying amount; ● Machinery at 15% on cost. Cost R Accumulated depreciation R Delivery vehicle 650 000 350 000 Machinery 900 000 400 000


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