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Unit 202: Health & Safety
Task 1A
Explain the difference between legislation, codes of practice and workplace policies
A legislation is a law made by the government that dictate the general rules. The code of practice is more like how to put in to practice the legislation setting up the standards and the ethics. The work place policies are “rules” made by the employer that may be different from an employer to another but never in contrast to the legislation or the code of practice.
Candidates are required to outline the main employee and employer’s responsibilities under the following health and safety legislation:
Health & Safety at Work Act
Employers’ Responsibilities
Provide and maintain safety equipment and safe systems of work…show more content…

Employee Responsibilities
To ensure all PPE is put back in the allocated spots for others to use.
To make sure PPE is worn when a therapist is prone to a risk.
Dispose of PPE correctly.
Ensure the item of PPE used is clean and ready to be used again.

The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health Regulations (COSHH)
Employers’ Responsibilities
To provide employees with a safe working environment.
Make sure employees are well informed and trained

Employees Responsibilities
To read all the necessary information about COSHH
To use all dangerous chemicals and related equipment appropriately
To inform the employers or management if anything happens that could become a hazard

The Electricity at Work Regulations
Employers’ Responsibilities
To comply with the regulations as far as matters are under their control.
To inform any employers of the regulation and how it applies to them.

Employees Responsibilities
To co – operate with their employer.
To be informed on the electricity at work regulations in order to full fill health and safety.
To take responsible care of the health and safety to him/herself and of other persons who may be affected by their actions.


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PSY202: Adult Development and Life Assessment Self-Regulation and Willpower: Gina Logan 1. Summarize the main ideas from the video and article. Each summary should be at least three sentences. A. Video – “The Science of Willpower: An Interview with Kelly McGonigal” This video, Kelly McGonigal, explains that there are three different types of willpower and how we use them in our daily lives, sometimes without always recognizing them. Kelly McGonigal also shows us that most people only use their willpower to achieve goals that are set in the here and now and not for our long term future. She also teaches that we need to be mindful of all aspects of willpower in order to create happier and healthier futures for ourselves. B. Article – “Academic Delay of Gratification, Motivation, and Self-regulated Learning Strategies” This article explains about a study that was performed on 250 students to measure their academic delay of gratification. The study found that students today are able to self-regulate and delay gratification because they understand the importance of their academic goals. Surprisingly, the study also found that women are more likely to delay gratification than men. 2. Using your own words, define willpower and explain what it means to you in a complete paragraph of at least three sentences. Willpower is the motivation you use to make a conscious choice to go after the goals you have set for yourself and accomplish them. It is also the motivation behind not only reaching your goals, but exceeding them. Willpower means that you have the strength and determination to say no to anything that will delay you in reaching your overall goals. 3. Think about a time in which you used willpower to delay instant gratification. One instance on where I had to use my willpower to delay instant gratification was when I started a diet and exercise program. My goal was to lose 75 pounds within a year and to exercise daily.


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