Linkedin Community Involvement Essay

Community Service Has a Number of Important Benefits

Engaging in community service provides students with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. Community service or volunteerism enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most. These are some of the common benefits of participating in a community service program:

1. Psychological benefits: Volunteering increases overall life satisfaction and helps you feel good about yourself because you are helping others. It can also help to decreases stress and ease depression.

2. Social benefits: Volunteering engages students with the community, creates special bonds with the population being served, and increases social awareness and responsibility.

3. Cognitive benefits: Volunteering helps students enhance their personal knowledge, grow from new experiences, and develop better interpersonal communication skills.

Participating in community service not only makes a difference to the organization and people being served, but also makes a difference to every student’s career prospects. Participating in community service activities helps to enhance student resumes by allowing students to obtain work-related skills prior to graduation, builds good references for employers in regards to community involvement, and provides a forum to network with future potential employers. It also helps students develop civic and social responsibility skills and become more aware of what their community needs.

You can also make a positive contribution to your community by earning an online degree in nursing, criminal justice or psychology. Contact us today for more information about our programs where you can learn how to help real people and leave a positive impact on the world.

It is no secret that our professional identities are evolving and are no longer just about what we do from 9-5, but what we’re passionate about outside of work. When you add the Volunteer & Causes section to your LinkedIn profile, you are able to share not only the causes you care about, but also list nonprofits that you’re involved in (like JA®!), in much the same way you’d add work experience to your profile.

When you volunteer, you’re not only making a positive impact in your community and on the world, you’re also advancing your own career. Here’s some compelling research:

So it only makes sense why you would want to make this information available to anyone who view your profile. And by including this section and listing your experience with Junior Achievement, you are providing an implicit endorsement for JA® and help us build our brand on LinkedIn. It's a win-win for everyone! 

But of course, most of you don't need any convincing. So let's cut to the chase and show you how you can add the Volunteer Experience and Causes section to your LinkedIn profile.


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