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I believe in self-expression. For me, self-expression can mean any number of things; whether it is creating art, playing sports, writing, or even collecting stamps. I believe it is important, because when people find ways to open their minds to others, we as human beings are able to distinguish ourselves from one another. And at the same time we also find the people we fit in with the most. In a sense, self-expression becomes an intuitive path that guides us through life.

As a kid, I grew up as a bit of an outcast. I think it was because of the way I was raised. My father is an immigrant from South Africa, and my mother is a 1st generation American who grew up with German as her first language. Along with that, they’re like the liberal island in a sea of conservative suburbs. Their heritage, political, and social backgrounds makes it difficult for them to ever feel like they fit in here. While my parents always doubted themselves, I took on that mannerism as I got older. This made it difficult to ever feel confident enough to make friends. I would draw a lot just to pass the time when I did not have anyone to hangout with.

It was a little later on in my life, that I learned that I could precisely communicate myself through my art. For me this revelation became my savior. For a while, in high school I was in a very dark place mentally. My peers have always known me as the quiet brooding type just because I never talked much. With my art, I was able to express myself visually when I could not talk to anyone. And so, I was finally able to make a connection with my fellow artists. This is when I decided to make a career out of my abilities. All in all, I believe self-expression saved my life.

Today I still have barriers connecting with people and my mind still leans in the dark. Even so, I do not let my shortcomings hold me back from achieving what I want in order to be successful, because I always have the ability to express myself. As I said before, self-expression is an intuitive path that guides us through life. In other words, its purpose is to help us as individuals to cope with the sticks and stones life will bring our way.

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I view life as a recipe

College Essay Example - Life

Many people view life as a movie, a calendar of events, a book, or even as a timeline. However, seeing as I was raised amongst a family where a favorite past time is baking, I view life as a recipe. Baking has always been a part of my family, whether for holidays, birthdays, or just because we feel like baking. Baking has helped me transition into new situations, especially high school in Palm Desert and the many leadership opportunities high school has presented.

Combine flour, sugar, freshman year, eighty new kids, and a brand new school. Xavier was a new experience for me - I was not used to the mob of kids, the hard classes, or the clubs and activities that were offered. Leadership is highly emphasized at Xavier; however, I never thought I would actually want to take part in activities, clubs, or student council. But later found that to be incorrect. My first experience of leadership was taking part in yearbook my freshman year. I volunteered to take pictures of the spring sports; I set up my own times to go to practices, picked up the school camera, and found my own transportation. All I wanted to do was take pictures. I never knew that would transfer into a passion that I would pursue for two more years.

Beat in eggs, vanilla extract, sophomore year and another chance at continuing my passion until creamy. Yearbook sophomore year was even better than freshman year. I was in charge of putting together layouts, gathering pictures, and I had to make sure everything was done by the deadline. Yearbook was a struggle and I learned that time management was a key factor in getting everything done. My first published yearbook gave me the confidence to continue on with other leadership projects.

Add junior year and another great challenge, mix on high speed. My Girl Scout troop and I were presented with the opportunity to help a non-profit organization called Angels’ Closet during my sophomore year. Yet, it became more of a priority during my junior year. Angels’ Closet provides clothes to high school students that are in need of new clothes. I found myself always thinking of ways to help and donate. Angels’ Closet meant so much to me that I wanted to go out and tell everyone about my experience. There was always something that needed to be done, whether it was steaming and folding clothes, putting together displays, or starting fund-raisers. Angels’ Closet found a helper in me and it helped me realized that I wanted to do more at school. I got involved in leading retreats, tutoring, immersion trips, and assisting at a summer school. Each of these things offered new experiences that led me to senior year and many more activities.

Add chocolate chips and with a wooden spoon, fold in senior year, retreats, and student council. Senior year has proved to be my busiest year. I am taking part in leading retreats, I find myself involved in four different student government councils, and I am still engaged in Angels’ Closet. With each different activity, time management and communication keep me on my toes. I want to lead others, not just to tell them to do things, but to show them that they can make a difference.

Shape into cookies and place on a baking sheet. Bake until golden. Leadership involves hard work and a lot of time. I have had to sacrifice social time to fulfill the obligations I have made. Leadership is much like baking – you combine activities and time to get an end result that can be either expected or the total opposite. The two common ingredients in every recipe are work and time. We have to work towards being a leader. We must have patience and remember that our leadership skills aren’t going to show right away. Being involved keeps me on my toes, and when things don’t work out, I wipe my hands clean and start again in hope of great things to come. Now, remove the cookies from the oven, cool and serve with a cold glass of milk and be proud of what you have accomplished.

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Thank you for sharing your creative recipe about life. I love it! Good luck to you.

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